Dear ISUS Trainer,

Welcome to the ISUS Community, a parallel site to the ISUS platform that we put together just for you, the growing community of trainers who are part of the ISUS team!

The goal of this 'microsite' is to help train new team members, provide a forum for sharing suggestions, ideas and best practices and, finally, to keep you up to speed with our development progress.

I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight that this is your community, so if you've got ideas on how we can do more to help you, please don't hesitate to let us know. Many of the most useful resources you'll find here have been included in direct response to suggestions and requests from people just like you!

Remember to save your Community username and password somewhere safe since it can be different from your login credentials on the ISUS site. You'll need to enter your ISUS username and password the first time you use the site, but like ISUS, the community site will remember you from that point onwards. 

If you’re new to the ISUS Community, start from our Training Flow to learn how to get started working as an ISUS trainer.

I hope you enjoy our Community!

Best regards,

Rupert Hillier